Technical merchandising from VIVAT AA is one of our services. We will tell you.

Technical merchandising from VIVAT AA is one of our services.

During 10 years of work VIVAT held dozens of equipment installations and complex POSM constructions in the cities of Tatarstan and the Volga region.

Why with us?

  • We provide reporting on placement control and analysis;
  • We work with logistics operators;
  • We have a possibility of one-time service in the cities of Tatarstan and Volga region;
  • We have direct contracts with local retailers for renting (booking) of advertising space and places.

What clients expect from us and, of course, they get it:

  • quick response to technical merchandising requests;
  • control, clear tracking of the path of equipment and pos-materials from shipment from the warehouse to placement at the venue and subsequent disposal;
  • the agency’s readiness to provide temporary storage of equipment;
  • urgent solution of equipment maintenance and repair issues.

What full-servicndising me

We perform:

– kitting,

– warehousing,

– transportation,

– installation,

– pos-equipment service

– disposal of advertising materials.

For this we have everything:


mobile installation crews,

cargo carries.

Call. Write. Brief. We calculate the estimate in 1 hour. We work 24/7.

What are the main advantages of pos marketing?

  • Predictable and measurable effectiveness;
  • In retail outlets where pos-materials are used there is an increase in sales, the number of impulse purchases increases up to 70% while using pos-materials;
  • With the help of pos-marketing it is possible to avoid price promotions;
  • Temporary trade equipment and decorated trade shelves enhance the brand’s perception among consumers;
  • Low cost of communication through pos-materials;
  • Retail outlets get an opportunity to revive and, albeit temporarily, update their interior without excessive costs, manufacturers promote brands, consumers get more pleasure from shopping;

POSM activities and technical merchandising are the parts of the consumer communication strategy. And not the minor parts of it;

Do you need an advertising agency for technical merchandising services? On the mounting and installation of POS-materials?

Merchandising agency in Kazan – VIVAT AA.

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