Need a BTL-promotion? Vivat AAwill help!

Why with us?Why to choose VivatAA?

Let’s talk about us with FACTS:

– We hit the TOP 100 active BTL agencies in Russia according to “BTL magazine”.

– Took the statuette for “Project of the Year” at the All-Russian Forum “BTL STAR 2020”, “BTL STAR 2021” in Sochi.

– We work in Republic of Tatarstan and Volga region.

Our Advertising Agency was founded in 2011.

Interesting fact about our team:“All roads in Tatarstan lead to…VIVAT”.

At world-class events held in Kazan, we sometimes led the majority of sponsored zones. Somewhere we were the 5th in the chain, but we are the ones who are trusted by the great brands.

About us they say:”When the task is impossible, here comes the VIVAT”.

And about the staff:

  • The biggest number of promoters working at the same time per day is 120 people.
  • The record for the number of promotions per day is 15.
  • Promoter’s feedback about working in the AA: “You are the fire! VIVAT is the best! You’re awesome!”

That’s what we hear from the promoters-not just clients. What’s the secret? We treat them kindly because they are the most difficult segment of the agency’s workforce.

What do we do to have this kindoffeedback?

  • Take care of promoters.We try to feed them (especially if they work 5+ hours), keep them warm, give them a ride.
  • Wages are paid in time. We’re trying.
  • Bonuses and praise for those who work well and don’t fail.

Is that all? Yes. You just need to love your employees and take care of them.

Do you know what’s the difference between an amateur and a professional?

An amateur will convince you that he knows EVERYTHING about the BTL industry.VIVAT is constantly improving its knowledge, competence and creativity.

That’s why in the last 5 years we have had internships in the greatest advertising agencies in 10 countries. We’ve acquired the best experience of the world’s agencies, including BTL and also wrote a book about it.

  • We specialize in:

– Cool Event or BTL – come to us at VIVAT!

– The fieriest promoters are at VIVAT!

– We can help with making your event or presentation viral content that will be talked about for a long time.


– Production of POS-materials and souvenir promotional products;

– Leafletting;

– Tasting;

– Sampling;

– Gift for purchase;

-Questionnaire surveys;

– Counseling;

– Flash mobs;

– Merchandising.

Welcome to VIVAT AA!

Are you searching for a BTL advertising agency in Kazan? Promotions in Kazan? In Tatarstan? In the Volga region? Event Agency Kazan. Tasting Kazan. Distribution of flyers Kazan.

Together we can move mountains!

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