Endless WOW effect or an “Epiphany celebration” presentation.


  • Why to choose VIVAT?
  • Oh… They’re just awesome…
  • That’s what we’ve been told about you…

So, we got the assignment of organizing the presentation of “Kreshchenskaya” vodka.

The task is accepted. There has to be WOW effect. Guests should leave in a state of delight and excitement.

Target audience: retailers from 32 cities in Russia.

Step 1. Presentation of the event concept.

Both concepts we were presenting had an amazing effect. They caused nods and wide-eyed approval.

«We hit the bull’s eye! Yes! » – breathing a sigh of relief.

Step 2. Choosing an event venue and preparations.

All of us were hesitating.

4 locations to choose from, the number of guests went up and down.


Each location was perfect in its own way.

Even if there is no opportunity to implement something – it will be found.

— No fireworks display possible?

— Well… the acrobat climbers and ninjas are already descending from the roofs… there’s no limits to our ideas.  

Finally, we have decided to set our sights on the “Kamsky Trophy” Country Club.

Step 3. Implementation.

Neatly. Coordinated. Beautiful.

And also…

Full mutual understanding, timely assistance and immediate response from the Customer Team – it worth an appreciation letter from us to them. Thank you kindly.

To sum up:

— Immersive theater ( «.. I’ll say hellooo to you! Fool!») scenes from “The Peasant” movie were played flawlessly. WOW!

— Synchronized swimmers and an open-air pool dance in the freezing cold were a delight. WOW!

— Ice bar and show. Tasting from ice shot glasses. WOW!

— Performances of the best artists – winners of the Channel One Russia music shows. WOW!

— Custom coins forging. WOW!

— Show Kitchen and a spit-roasted lamb. WOW!

— Fireworks display.WOW! WOW! WOW!

What’s the result?

Loyal, delighted and in a state of WOW – effect retailers came back to 32 Russian cities.

The effect was achieved.

The result exceeded all the expectations.


Thank you all. Everyone is satisfied. Everyone is free to go. See you again in our future projects.

And also, there is a fact…no matter how digitalized we are…nothing can ever replace vivid emotions and warm hugs of offline meetings!

Want your event to be wow? You’re welcome!


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