And the fireworks bursted! Vivat to the “Savin house” apartment complex! The second stage of sales is to be!

And fireworks bursted!

Right in the middle of the City Avenue!

And it was cooler than the City Day – that’s what everyone said.

It was the apotheosis of the event dedicated to the opening of the second stage of sales of the “Savin house” apartment complex.

Our team was involved in the preparation of this event.

Client:  “Garden Ring” Construction company. Moscow.

Brand: “Savin house”. Kazan.

Objective: decoration and holding of the event.

VIVAT involved services:

  • decoration of the entrance group and office with balloons;
  • floral decoration;
  • catering;
  • organization of work with children;
  • sound and music;
  • doorman work organization;
  • host’s work during 12 hours;
  • photographer and videographer work organization;
  • launching of 5000 eco-balls into the sky;
  • fireworks organization.
  • For us this is a victory salute. A salute to the accomplished project, where everything had to be perfect.

         Because that’s the client.

         Because there are such people at the helm.

         Everything is perfect with them; everything is tight as a drum and this is about the whole team.

         That is why they are with us. It is a great trust and we lived up to it every minute.

  • The balloons soared into the sky, only the wind interfered and they were safely met by the builders in the houses under construction like manna from heaven.))))) The builders felt the holiday too!

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