3 secrets of the perfect media plan

What does every director or marketer in a company dream about?

About the flow, the endless flow of their clients. About profit and its growth, about cost optimization.

This can only be possible with a truly working, well-reasoned media plan.

The dream media plan: with the analysis of competitors, according to special programs of media planning and target – not just GRP (Gross Rating Point) – in collaboration with our advertising agency it is real! What is the dream of every director or marketer in a company?

The 3 secrets of making a perfect media plan:

  1. Detailed analysis of advertising activity of advertisers in your category of business.
  2. Proper media strategy and competently constructed media mix of channels based on sampling and analysis of your target audience coverage to match index on each media. Comparing the price value of the rating item and selecting not only the most effective, but also the most cost-effective.
  3. Clear schedules of advertising materials, taking into account the coverage of the target audience, time peaks of listening (watching), the required number of ratings per flight for all types of media.

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Friends! We were the first in Tatarstan to study at the First Russian Media School!

The main learning objective:

– to be able to strategically develop communication policies; make competent reasoned media plans with a forecast of media effectiveness, using media metrics, and analyze competitors’ advertising campaigns.


– detachment from local advertising agencies of competitors on media buying and undeniable advantages over the client with the terms of reference of working with us on media buying.

We have learned how to:

√ Write media strategies for real-world challenges;

√ properly analyze competitors, target audiences, and marketing trends;

√ Select and justify media and specific online and offline advertising tools;

√ Build media plans with predicted coverage, number of ratings, reaching the target audience.

You can find the result of our work with clients in the “Case studies” section.

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Find out why we are chosen by over 360 clients a year.

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