«Reebok’s» running challenge in Kazan: «Be more human — 2018».

Customer: «MRM»com

Customer: «MRM» company — «Reebok» company representative. 
 Our mission is to organize a turnkey event.
 An event description: The big annual fitness event «Reebok. Be more human». Kazan was the fitness festival host for the third time.

This year the new high intensity program was waiting for our participants: running as a team with challenges, dynamic Warm-Up, classes from the professional instructors in different fitness directions, yoga-marathon from the teachers of yoga, new «Les Mills» programs.

The festival is admission free. The top three teams won the right to participate in the fall festival “Be more human”, which will be held in Moscow.


VIVAT AA services:

  • EVENT,
  • BTL,
  • Coordination with an event venue administration, city hall and the sports committee,
  • Booking negotiations,
  • Providing participants and guests safety,
  • Technical equipment of the venue (electricity, internet, inventory, organizational equipment and all the consumables),
  • Purchasing, mounting and dismantling of tents and scene, sound equipment,
  • Hiring, casting, briefing, cleaning services work and control, mounting teams, administrative staff, volunteer team of 100 people, promotional staff and helpers,
  • Preparation and rigging of all the test areas with the equipment.


Here’s the digital report: 
 – 283 teams,
 – 1700 runners and 300 fitness festival participants,
 – 5,3 km on track and 9 extremely hard sport challenges. 

– The best result is 34 minutes!
 They all are so slim and fit! Look at their abs! They have iron muscles and an amazing stretching!


We were trusted – we have done it! 

We were up since Thursday – loading, packing, washing, cleaning, registering and helping everyone, so what? We completed all the challenges ourselves. We were trying to support everyone with songs, kind words and our soul.
 The volunteers were just amazing. 100 men – it’s already an army.  
 There were lots of emotions, fatigue and customer appreciation.
 You fall asleep and later you are back in a row!


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