“Fishing” at the Kazan Marathon was a success! The bite was great.

Today we had a biting with “Tatspirtprom” company and the “White Kremlin” beer brand.

And the coolest fan zone!

And even Bim-radio was fishing with us and the live broadcast was right from the venue! The project with the new super “Tatspirtprom” team was a success!

New projects to be! Vivat, VIVAT AA!


Kazan Marathon 2020.

A grand citywide marathon race. Runners and fans from 30 countries – more than 10,000 people, four distances and incredible love for running.

The objective of VIVAT AA:

Organization of Tatspirtprom promotional zones’ and promotional activities’ work during the Marathon.

The idea:

We came up with a pool filled with White Kremlin beer cans and fishing rods.

Branded couches, a lounge area and charging stations.

Everyone rested only in the White Kremlin zone. And fishing.

And posted on social media.

The content was spreading itself.


Results in numbers


A person visited the Tatspirtprom stand


Cans of beer were fished out of the pool


Photo with the hashtag Kazan Marathon and mention of the White Kremlin

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